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SRE at Wagga Wagga High School

Special Religious Education is run at Wagga Wagga High School for Year 7 students. It is taught by a qualified teacher, Mr Phillip Banton, who is employed by the Wagga Wagga Inter Church Christian Education Team.

Lessons are Christian scripture lessons which run for 40 minutes every Monday. Students will receive a note informing them of the schedule and giving the option to withdraw from lessons. Parents who do not wish their child to attend SRE lessons can sign the note below and return it to the school office. Those who do not participate in SRE lessons will attend their regular class but no new work will be completed so as not to disadvantage students who do attend SRE. This procedure is followed according to NSW Department of Education policy.

SRE Note: SRE Participation 2017 (docx 52 KB)

More information about the program can be found at: http://oursre.org.au

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